Isometric (Iso)

How to Draw: Isos are ‘technical’ drawings which are made from projecting a skewed plan at 30° degrees. Dark lines are outlines of heavy objects (like walls). Thin and Light lines are details (like furniture). Dotted lines show where things have been taken apart. How to Use: Like Axos, Isos show what the building looks like in 3D and are useful because they are to scale. ‘Exploded’ or ‘Section Isos’ can reveal more of the building. You don’t always have to draw an Iso but: A good Section/ cut Iso can explain the whole project without other technical drawings. Exploded Isos can show how the building is put together. UNLIKE AXOS: Isos look more natural/ realistic and therefore can look better for most people. CAUTION: Isos can also hide whats inside the space.

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