Line Weights

Here is a guide for line-weights: Use THICK lines and THIN lines that are very distinct: 0.7mm - Ground Line 0.5mm - Cut Concrete Walls, Columns and Floors 0.35mm - Do not Use 0.2mm - Do not Use 0.18mm - Cut Internal Walls and Structural Elements 0.1mm - Cut Windows, General items (uncut) including furniture. 0.1mm Grey - General Detail 0.1mm Dashed - Annotations 0.05mm - General Detail and Delicate Cosmetic Furniture 0.05mm Grey - General Detail 0.05mm dashed - Detailed Annotations A strong contrast in line weights makes for a clearer drawing. Be aware: smaller drawings might need smaller line-weights. Refer to the drawings by Atelier Bow-Wow for the use of line weights.

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