Set up your Perspective

When setting up perspectives try to use the rule of thirds/ golden ratio to guide you. Decide if you want as much information as you can or as little (choose to overload or isolate). If using line-weights use THICKER lines to make things feel CLOSER or important and use THIN lines to make things feel FURTHER AWAY or less important. Our eyes see at around 23mm in focal length. Focal length below 23mm: (not realistic - useful for capturing more in a view or close up) - Perspective A Focal length 23-35mm: (realistic - creating a sense of being there) - Perspective B Focal length above 50mm: (not realistic - focusing on object or space from distance) - Perspective C You should mostly show your project between 23-35mm. Always set your perspective at the correct height. Eye level (1.6m from the ground): for a sense of being in the space. Above Eye Level: for a larger view of the project. Below Eye Level: to increase size and drama. You should mostly show your project at Eye Level.

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